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HAVE FUN WET - Sint Maarten Watersports

HAVE FUN WET - Sint Maarten Watersports

HAVE FUN WET - Sint Maarten WatersportsHAVE FUN WET - Sint Maarten WatersportsHAVE FUN WET - Sint Maarten Watersports

Seabreacher ride



The Seabreacher is certainly one of the most advanced and fast submersible watercraft/watersport we even saw...

First of all, the acrylic canopy gives pilot and passenger a near 360 degree view as they fly through the water at breathtaking speed, as well as under water, knowing that you can dive up to 6 feet (2 meters) deep !

This amazing model you will experience is the first Seabreacher with a fully retractable snorkel, allowing pilot and passenger to experience the thrill of high speed 360 degree barrel rolls.

More specifically, this machine comes with a Rotax 300hp supercharged engine, a ROTAX ACE 1500cc engine, two seats, and a fully vectored thrust system.

All this power enables the vessel to reach a top speed of up to 70mph (110km/h) on the surface and 50mph (80km/h) below. When you reach surface during these high speed dives, you can launch the entire 18 feet (6 meters) length of the craft out of the water and do back flips !

Moreover, the Seabreacher is positively buoyant. So do not be afraid to sink ! The hull is constructed with enough flotation that it will always remain buoyant and level, even if the cockpit and engine bay are fully flooded. The water level in the cockpit would not exceed mid-waist level in such a situation, so water could be easily pumped out and the vessel re-floated. 

And to definitely appreciate a perfect and unforgettable ride, no details are left to chance : you will also enjoy some music as the Seabreacher is coming with a Marine grade stereo system and bluetooth !


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